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A Passionate Story!

I did a cycle ride to Knysna (6 days) and two races in Knysna (nearly 900km in 8 days).


I left Cape Town last Sunday with the thought of challenging myself physically. I came back with an experience I need to share with you.


The ride we did was to raise funds for an orphanage in Robertson called Die Herberg. On Monday we had lunch at the orphanage. Well what an eye-opener. There were kids there to meet us in the school holiday simply because they have nowhere to go - the orphanage is home for many of them. The staff stay in over holidays because some kids that do have parents literally walk back because conditions at home are unbearable.


These kids have to go to normal schools with rich farmers kids - can you imagine how tough it must be for them to build confidence in that type of situation. The lady that was involved in raising funds on the tour told us about her mission to build the kids self-esteem. I could not understand how she could ever understand the kids who came from such disadvantaged backgrounds until she told us - she spent her youth in an orphanage. The passion she had for her job all suddenly made sense. The home only gets 48% of their budget from the government, the rest must be raised through donations. Imagine raising funds without no parent body to support you!!! 


I was reading the Christmas wishes of some of the kids. Those with families wish for a car or a home to stay in. Their families simply cannot afford to support them. Some of their families do not want them at all. One read - all I want is to be part of a loving family. The other kid wrote - I wish I could see my dad just one more time. As a father that wish cut deep, very deep.


During the ride I was challenged to the very limit of my physical ability.


--- Ernest Vermeulen


More Great Testimonials

Thank you for an excellent tour.!

'It was particularly special for me as you had an excellent

route which opened up new areas of the country

which I had never seen before. Some spectacular scenery.


The distances were bigger than I have done before and

therefore a good stretch. Nice to go beyond one`s past limits !


The group were good company and made the week

even better'



 Thanks for an awesome week, it was a pleasure to meet all of you and meet fantastic people,


everybody in a special way made this tour a definite for next year. Hope to see you in 2015.


Thanks JJ and Petru it was an unforgettable experience.


Kind Regards


Miriam Stronkhorst


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