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CA2CX Mountain Bike Cycle Tour

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Solo entries, Team entries, Group entries, couples or individuals are welcome to enter for the tour.


If your spouse wants to be part of the tour but not cycling, contact

Johan Steyn at to arrange.


Please send your entry form with proof of payment of deposit (R7,000)  a.s.a.p. to to book your entry.


We will arrange a shuttle from the airport and stay at Meerendal for riders from other provinces.  Send an e-mail to to arrange.   



WhatsApp Image 2020-11-24 at
WhatsApp Image 2020-11-24 at

Just a quick note to again say thank you for an

awesome week of riding.


JJ, Petro, Hazel, Kurt, Charlie and Stephen – thanks

again for everything, appreciate all your efforts!!


Hope to see you all there next year!!


Keep well and ride safe.


Mike Powel

About the CA2CX Tour

The CA2CX tour founder JJ, decided during 2013 to make The Herberg Children's Home the official beneficiary of the funds raised during the CA2CX tours.


In the beginning, 16 riders entered the tour. Although it was a small group of riders, they were passionate about the cause and raised over R42,000 for the children's home. 


Interest in the tour increased and the following year saw an increase in riders. In 2014, the 36 riders raised over R88,000 for a number of initiatives at the Herberg Children's Home.


The 2015 tour had less riders, totaling 25 but their dedication to raising funds hit an all time record when they raised over R113,000!


We had high expectations for the 2016 tour and Spectrum sponsored R58 000 for a reading program at the children's home. The rest of the funds were raised from the event and used for students who wished to study after successfully passing Matric.


The CA2CX tour always focuses on a small group of riders, to keep the event unique and enjoyable. At the end, you can make great friends and connections that last long after the event is over. The CA2CX tour is an unforgettable experience and for a great cause, that brings riders back to the event every year.

Many thanks to all of you fellow riders, it has been fabulous week. A lot of new friends and happy memories.

Such a bummer to go back to work.


JJ, Petro and all the support team and the sponsors, well done and many thanks.


See you next year.



Andie Crisp

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