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A Passionate Story!

I did a cycle ride to Knysna (6 days) and two races in Knysna (nearly 900km in 8 days).


I left Cape Town last Sunday with the thought of challenging myself physically. I came back with an experience I need to share with you...Read more


A Letter to Petro & JJ

Dear Petro and JJ


I am back at work today after my leave. Although I am extremely privileged to work in a beautiful environment as a nature conservator, I just can't help but think of a better place to be, but on my bike...Read more


Ons Verstaan Nie

As life returns to normal I thought I would share an e-mail I sent to the staff this morning sharing with them what was another amazing CA2CX. I understand why so many people keep doing this tour...Read more





This is not a race it is a journey, a long journey. You will cycle in excess of 30 hours during the 6 days. You will cycle between 5 and 7 hours each day. Every day is about 100km with the 3rd day being the longest at 130km.


You will travel on gravel roads and jeep tracks so there in nothing technical. What you miss on the technical side is made upon the accents. Beullah on day 1, Ou Berg on day 3, Rooiberg on day 4 and the Seven Passes on day 6 between George and Knysna will leave you asking yourself why you did not do more hill training.


Speed is not a concern as there will be a group to suite your preference. The group stays together so it is important to find the one where you are comfortable. If you are too fast or too slow please move to another group instead of affecting the rhythm of the group


There are sufficient feeding stops so no need to take more than two water bottles and a bar(gels) or two.


If you have done a few stage races you will know the importance of back to back training days. Include coffee stops while training to get used to the relaxed feeding stops. No need to shove food and liquids down the throat.


CA2CX is the perfect event to find out if you are a real mountain biker. It will give you new found confidence to take on more and longer stage events. If you are a roadie wanting to find out why mountain bikers always have a smile on their face this event is for you. It will make the transition very easy.


Tough, long days, new friends and lots of laughter will make you come back year after year.


More Great Testimonials

 Thanks for an awesome week, it was a pleasure to meet all of you and meet fantastic people,


everybody in a special way made this tour a definite for next year. Hope to see you in 2015.


Thanks JJ and Petru it was an unforgettable experience.


Kind Regards


Miriam Stronkhorst


Thank you for an excellent tour.!

'It was particularly special for me as you had an excellent

route which opened up new areas of the country

which I had never seen before. Some spectacular scenery.


The distances were bigger than I have done before and

therefore a good stretch. Nice to go beyond one`s past limits !


The group were good company and made the week

even better'



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